Last modified July 28, 2015 by Anthony

The Democratic Society (Demsoc) is a UK-based membership organisation that wants to make democracy work for the 21st century. We are trying to build a more participative democracy, based on good information, transparent government, and open decision making.

We seek to gather together with any individual interested in exercising their right to influence, discuss and change politics – anyone, member or non-member, can benefit from our freely available materials, designed to provide information that helps people get the most out of their democratic rights. Anyone is welcome to sign-up and use our free tools and services.

A small team manage the day-to-day running of Demsoc, and undertake projects with government at a local, national and international level. We create spaces for discussion so that politicians can interact with members of the public on an equal footing. We seek to build a culture of openness in which individuals can get directly involved in political debate. Although we work with governments, but we are independent of political parties. Our project work funds Demsoc, and we are a non-profit organisation.