The electorate has changed and parties are struggling to catch up

Alberto Nardelli, election data guru extraordinaire, has a piece in the Guardian which is worth reading on the way that the electorate has changed and will keep on changing. The face of Britain’s electorate has changed and there is a fundamental mismatch between voters and the options on the ballot paper. Labour and the Tories Read More

Dissolution of Parliament and the pre-election period

Today is significant not only because it’s the launch of the Democratic Society’s 2015 General Election blog (hooray!), but also because it marks two other important events in the general election calendar: the dissolution of Parliament in the United Kingdom, and the beginning of a pre-election period commonly known as ‘purdah’. But what are these Read More

Citizen action for democracy: a recent experience

Camilla Child of The Tavistock Institute writes about a recent experience of citizen action for democracy in this guest blog post for Demsoc. You can find her on Twitter @CamillaChild At the last election, the newly created Hampstead and Kilburn constituency was a closely contested three-way marginal. Labour’s Glenda Jackson had a majority of 42 votes Read More

Reaching to the Converted: Turning Young Peoples Social Media Engagement into Democratic Participation

Demsoc’s Kelly McBride (@Kelly_McB) takes a look at the development of digital and social media initiatives to encourage young people to get registered and voting in the 2015 General Election. The 2010 General Election was heralded as the first of the social media age and arrived with an accompanying buzz about how it would change political engagement in the Read More

Posted on July 23, 2015 by Matilda Murday

The new and trending ‘#Milifandom’: a fresh wave of young Labour supporters, or just another ironic hashtag?

 – Guest post by Emily Evans (@EmzieEvs) The new and trending ‘#Milifandom’: a fresh wave of young Labour supporters, or just another ironic hashtag? For those of you who aren’t completely up-to-date with internet slang, this refers to a “fandom” (a group of dedicated, often obsessive, fans) devoted entirely to Ed Miliband (‘milifan’- Miliband, get it?) Read More

Are you ready for a Constitutional Convention?

– Titus Alexander, Convenor of Democracy Matters, asks if we are ready for a Constitutional Convention in this guest blog for Demsoc. The footprints of history spook this election: the next parliament runs from the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta on 15 June to the 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320, Read More

The Guardian is wrong, women are voting, but they're still not being heard.

Today the Guardian has published an article by Polly Toynbee entitled Millions of women fail to vote. Did the suffragists suffer in vain?. I was surprised, because according to the British Election Study (BES), there is no meaningful gap between the genders when it comes to voter turnout – with 77% of men and 76% Read More

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