How the manifestos stack up on digital and democratic reform

Andy Williamson, Governor of Demsoc, has written about how the different General Election manifestos stack up on digital and democratic reform. Covered in two articles, the analysis looks at four areas: broadband, digital inclusion, open government and democratic reform. Read analysis for Labour and Conservatives Read analysis for the Greens, Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and UKIP

Pirate Party manifesto as wallpaper

Why manifestos matter

Nick Robinson explains that manifestos still matter: Roll up, roll up – it’s time to read those manifestos. These manifestos will be written for one-party government, but although people feel that politicians break their promises even more in coalition, the manifesto arguably becomes more important when coalitions or alliances are needed, as it sets out the philosophy Read More

How I bagged visits from my local candidates using Twitter

Kit Bradshaw, a public sector press officer, writes about how he used Twitter to secure visits from two prospective parliamentary candidates. You can find Kit on Twitter @kitbradshaw and read his blog online. The mediocrity of this year’s General Election campaign was brought into sharp focus by #Milifandom. The extent of the coverage it received just shows how Read More

Fixed Term Parliaments: not quite sorted

Catherine at the Institute for Government has a blog that can be summarised roughly as “Fixed Term Parliaments Act: Nobody knows anything”. Well, actually Catherine knows quite a lot, including how the Act doesn’t specify who would run the country if a Government lost a vote of confidence, but the Commons didn’t vote to call Read More

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