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How to vote by post

You can apply to vote by post which means that you are sent a ballot paper in the mail. You then need to fill it out and return by the end of polling day to ensure it is counted.

What you should do before 7th May:

When you vote by post you should expect to:

  • Receive your ballot paper by mail before 7th May
  • Follow the instructions on the top of your ballot paper
  • Complete your ballot paper in secret
  • Complete the postal voting statement
  • Put the ballot and statement in the envelopes provided
  • Seal the envelope yourself
  • Return the ballot paper by post as soon as possible. It must be received before 10pm on 7th May to be counted. If this is an issue, you should contact your Electoral Registration Office right away.

You do not have to:

  • Tell anyone who you are voting for
  • Show anyone your ballot paper once you have filled it in.

If you’re not voting by post, you can read our guides on:

We have adapted this from information on voting in the UK provide on the Government website.