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How to vote by proxy

You can request that someone you nominate attends a polling station to vote on your behalf. This is commonly known as voting by proxy. You can however only apply for a proxy vote under certain circumstances.

What you should do before 7th May:

  • Register to vote before the deadline (Monday 20th April)
  • Ensure that you have filled in the additional application for a proxy vote and returned it before 28th April (note: there are different forms depending on your reason for requesting a proxy)
  • Ensure that the person voting on your behalf is also registered to vote before the deadline
  • Tell your proxy who to vote for on your behalf, if you want to
  • Contact your Electoral Registration Office if there are any issues or if you would like to change or cancel your proxy.

What you need to do on polling day:

  • Nothing! As long as you have managed to register in time, filled out your additional proxy form, had confirmation from your Electoral Registration Office that your proxy application has been accepted, and also told your proxy who you want to vote for (if you want to) – there is nothing more you need to do.
  • The person you have nominated as your proxy will have to follow the steps for voting in person at a polling station.

You do not have to:

  • Tell anyone who you have asked your proxy to vote for.

If you’re not voting in person at a polling station, you can read our guides on:

We have adapted this from information on voting in the UK provide on the Government website.