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Political Parties & Manifestos

A political party is a group of people who share the same views about how a country should be governed. They work together to decide their principles and what action they want to take on particular issues, support people running in elections, and try to influence what decisions are made by government.

The United Kingdom has many political parties and, to become a political party, you must register with the Electoral Commission. We have collated information for you to find out more about each party that has recently had an elected Member of Parliament (MP), with links to their General Election manifestos. Please note that links will open in a new window.

You can find a list of all political parties in the United Kingdom on the Electoral Commission website. The current number stands at 464! [Northern Ireland]


Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) [Northern Ireland]
The Northern Ireland Plan

Green Party of England and
ManifestoEasy Read | Braille | Audio | BSL


Liberal Democrat
Manifesto | Easy Read | Braille | Audio | Clear Print | Plain Text

Plaid [Wales]
Manifesto | Easy Read | Audio | Farming Manifesto

Scottish Green Party (SGP) – [Scotland]

Scottish National Party (SNP) [Scotland]
Manifesto intro | Manifesto

Sinn Fé [Northern Ireland]

Social Democratic & Labour Party (SDLP) – – [Northern Ireland]

United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) –

To be able to vote for a candidate representing a political party, they must be standing in the constituency where you are registered to vote. To see who you can vote for to be a Member of Parliament (MP) in the general election, visit the Your Candidates website and enter your postcode. Please note that this website does not include candidate information for local elections (e.g. council or mayoral elections).