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Would you like to contribute content for Demsoc’s general election website or alert us to something you think we should be telling people about? If so, please read on.

Our guidelines for blog contributors are that posts must be:

  • On a topic related to the 2015 General Election, for example: manifesto policy comparison, opinion polls analysis, how a new government is formed, or even just some fun facts.
  • Objective and does not show an obvious bias toward any particular political party or policy
  • Generally no more than 600 words (although we appreciate some topics require more in-depth analysis).

All blog contributions will, of course, be attributed to the writer, and promoted through relevant Demsoc social media channels. It is worth noting that we do not necessarily want to re-create what’s already out there, so we welcome content that pulls together existing resources that we can link to, or the opportunity to link directly to other content with permission.

We are also looking for links to the latest election applications, sources of information for voters, and any website you think it would be useful for voters to know about. We want to draw together some of the best resources out there to support a more informed electorate.

If there is something you’d like to contribute, please fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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