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Instructions: Print off one copy of the game card for each player. Mark each square when you hear or see the phrase or topic mentioned. You win when you get 5 in a row or a full house (you decide!).

Download the Demsoc General Election Bingo cards.

Example card (without formatting):

General Election 2015

the deficit

someone running with a ballot box televised debates something “makes history” election is “the most unpredictable ever”

keys to number 10

shot of a vote count no overall majority wild card dead heat
“rejection” Sunderland claim the exit polls are wrong [former] MP loses a seat

an historic night

The British People

mandate to govern not up to the job politician fluffs financial details shock result
delayed count shot of a politician on the door step Farage with a pint twitter

presenter walks around green screen graphics

You can also play this as a drinking game – for every block you mark, take a sip, and finish your drink each time you get 5 in a row.