Last modified April 10, 2015 by Kelly McBride

Opinion Polls

We can’t tell you what will happen for sure, but there are people and organisations out there who use a range of techniques to predict what the outcome of the election will be – so we’ll tell you about them.

Pollsters are people who conduct or analyse opinion polls, which assess the opinion of the public by questioning a sample that can be considered representative of the views of the whole population.

If you just want a simple overview of who’s ahead in the polls, we suggest the NewStatesman ‘poll of polls’ webpage (select the ‘latest polls’ option).

If you want a bit more information and breakdown, you can view a poll tracker on the BBC website which gives you an individual and collective overview of the predictions from a range of the most well-regarded pollsters.

If you want to read the latest news, the ‘UK polling report’ website gives a roundup of the latest polling news.

You can also go direct and view more comprehensive information provided by the pollsters themselves. These include: